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Exchange Union (XUC) initial coin offering (ICO) information.Exchanges May Offer Custodial Lightning Network Accounts in the Future.Global Finances Company Plans to Finish Working of Cryptocurrency Electronics Internet-shop to the End of 2018.Indias Government Ramps Up Scrutiny of Cryptocurrency Payments.

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NEMs Anti-Theft Tagging Feature Could Cripple XEM Fungibility.

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Barry Silbert has sparked controversy by naming the twitter handle of a new ETC investment trust as EthereumTrust which some say is deceptive.

In 2018, Dollar Hits Three-Year Low as Bitcoin Poised for New Highs.China Issues Stern Warning About Cross-Border ICOs and Digital Asset Trading.

Ethereum price managed to pop higher once again and traded above a major resistance area.Etherty Announces Pre-ICO for Blockchain Based Real Estate Services.THERE WAS ALREADY 2000 ETHEREUMS CONTRIBUTED WITHIN THE FIRST 60. so I am banking on ArcBlock rejecting investors with a higher gas price. permalink; embed; save.GRAFT Blockchain Has Launched CryptoFind, An App That Maps All Crypto-friendly Venues.Microsoft Eyes Role for Bitcoin, Ethereum in Decentralized ID.New PBoC Regulatory Measures Against Bitcoin Turn out to be a Hoax.Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong is Conducting ICO for Developing Art Trading Blatform Based on Blockchain.PRE-ICO SOON Betrium Launches Presale, Worldwide Bookmaker and Betting Exchange.South Korean Officials Confiscate 191 Bitcoin During Criminal Investigation.

More Concerns Over Legacy Finance Crime Links After Rabobank Fined for Money Laundering.StreamSpace: New Industrial Revolution to Overhaul Filmmaking.Why traditional dating platforms are unsatisfactory and how blockchain can help.

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Blockchain Powered VR Ecosystem MARK.SPACE Revolutionizes Idea of VR by Eliminating All Existing Barriers.Monthly Price Trends Show BTC Stagnation, Ethereum’s Long Hold. Bitcoin Price Chugs Along,. 02/02 Here Is Why LOC Token Will Cut Travel Prices by up to 20%.

Australian and UK Government Websites Ran Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts.TNABC Miami 2018 Video Report: Crypto App Security is Terrifying Says Stephen Bono.Coinbase Bolsters Top Management in Bid to Improve Customer Service.

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CHECQIT, the P2P Lending Platform Aiming to Empower the Unbanked.AlfaToken: Service for a New Way of Interactions via Smart Contracts Begins ICO.Former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg Envisions Dollar Challenged by Crypto.Neptune Dash IPO Sees Record Volume, Top 2 on TSX Venture Exchange.Back in August, Viabtc founder Yang Haipo was one of the first public figures to declare Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. His exchange Viabtc was one of the first to list.assbot: ONE MILLION new lines of code hit Linux Kernel • The Register. pete_dushenski: eth up a solid 20x over ipo price for those (like saifedean).

An All-in-One Hardware Wallet Solution Has Arrived, and Its Name is Giza.US Government Not Passing Bitcoin Regulations Anytime Soon: White House Official.NEM Decline Shows How Cryptocurrency Markets Havent Stabilized Just Yet.SunContract The Hidden Energy Gem Helping Homeowners Seize Control of Their Local Energy Market.Dash Kicks Off 2018 With Nearly 20 Integrations and Partnerships in January Alone.NewsBTC is a news service that covers bitcoin news, technical analysis and forecasts for bitcoin and other altcoins.Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference, February 16-18 Just 100 Soft Fork Tickets Remaining.

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Riot Blockchain Is Acquiring a Miami Digital Currency Exchange.Bitcoin price plummets to less than a dollar as the. Ethereums Price Rise Explained Bitcoin and. Before digital encryption and data loc. A history of.Scammers Banking Millions by Counterfeiting the Upcoming Telegram ICO.Here is why LOC token will cut travel prices with up to -20% in 2018.Australians Can Still Use Credit Cards on Foreign Exchanges Despite UK, US Bans.Crypto Exchange Coinbase to Use Machine Learning for Customer ID Verification.BitConnect Plaintiff Claims Founders Are Associated with OneCoin.Finacoin Scam Artist Ebi Domininc At It Again with ArbiTraCoin.

Taiwan Govt Shouldnt Understimate Cryptocurrency Impact: Vice Premier.reddit: the front page of the internet. I guess. They did end up with two Ethereums, though. The price of ETH is 1 factor for sure,.Polymath Announced As Advisor To (OSTK) tZERO Security Token Sale.Game 6 gpu mining - PC Games or Mobile Games. ETHREUM PRICE HISTORY. I actually had the opportunity to meet a compadre that uses his servers in a co-loc in Oregon.