Cloud mining moneros

OaktreeCapital: SolarPowered, You have a history of letting this happen.Brickwood: JimBakiz, the one thing I am holding out for is the tickets for free speech:D.DestroyAllHumans: Unless you know what you are doing, python will likely be faster than C.Listman: frenchfry, I dont trade much I just want to see mining remain profitable. i get in something long term these short term gains and losses are to much.

I know lot of people who took large loans to finance their undergrad education.Su100: ButcherofBallyhoo, its still on reason to raise from 12 to 30 usd.Heathen: 1 month new low on XMR, cant really call it fud but whatever.Raskill101: next leg appears to be happening now on all markets.SleepySkiesCole: contact-a727, thats what makes it hard to short, might get liquidated due to a final pump before the crash.MrJoYz: BrainStormer, I gonna bring back my monety lost with maid:).Shinn: tone0018, but i stuck to a basic implementation without handling all the error codes.DestroyAllHumans: So I guess the best strategy is to know ahead of time what price you want to trade.

DestroyAllHumans: there is no reason to believe it will not bounce back.LordBeer: lobujit, sunny here too.still chilly but much warmer.Koyaanisqatsi: theBunk, i just would love to crash a lambo one day and dont care.Author: Topic: Is Monero, Dash and all anon coins fucked? (Read 7824 times).They want something like coinbase, kraken, etc. no idea, I have no inside info.Banhammer: Spasti banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.

Not sure exact order, because you could have any number of coins.Namtara: mycobacterium, its been manipulated too much for me to trust it.Bertan: Humans usually cool down after a few days, but the bots might continue for years.

Shinn: JacquesLeGrand, by the time it reaches 1000 you probably wont want to buy it anymore lol.Banhammer: angelbit banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.DestroyAllHumans: The bottleneck will be your algorithm rather than the programming language unless you are an expert.I wish I had invested in DASH rather than XMR. fluffy is not fluffy.SleepySkiesCole: contact-a727, riskier than betting on a dash dump in my opinion.CashCow: CoinDreamer, if the etf does not pass, alts and btc should dip.Zebra: stephenmac7, that is why im sad there is no xcorr function.Moonerico: as soon as dash hits half a billion, a state sponsored actor will crush it like a bug.AsaKujaku: mozecallmayali23 - it kind of is betting against the dollar, yeah.

TM3K: SolarPowered, no can i do that without making an account.I run a page about bitcoins so probably should keep more up with the dash slack.Although I am betting on a btc correction driving alt:usdt down in price.

Old lies those you can not prove and those lies poisoning community.SolarPowered: TM3K, Please make an account and then file a support ticket at so support can help out.

TupperWarrior: j33hopper, I was changing the pass and saw something weird.SleepySkiesCole: ultramode, how long for that short to pay off though.Shinn: DonaldPump, yeah but not for placing orders by myself.Socket: man do you remember when bitcoin went over 1200 those were crazy times.SolarPowered: incogniito, check out the Notices for more info there to help keep your account safe.

Depends on what you want to pay and how bad you want something.SouthEth: thehiddenconifold, not me, I dont hold coins without a public future, dark market coins are pump and dump mostly.Zebra: s0meguy, they will eat you all up in a second:D lol:D.Zebra: introvert, only news i found today and may be related to this behaviour.SolarPowered: 7d03, Some coins seem to be a bit slower this week seems lots of news is about.SolarPowered: bfwebb22, No worries you can deposit unlimited its the withdrawals that are capped.Banhammer: b11223 and logictrading banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Denominator: JohnsJohnJohnny, interesting view I think dsh over rated.

KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, Ahh, that explains it, you are confusing crypto with forex, lol.Minimons: DustOff, Im all in on Moneros but need deposit btc to buy it here.BRATIS: unluckyman, noone will buy dash at that price, watch the weekly chart, its gonna collapse.RastaMiner: j33hopper, few days ago moveOrder was duplicating orders.Zebra: unluckyman, sell orders started to move after relogin.Watchtower: luigi1111, still the same.will watch out and do the same if you do.:).CryptDoH: DASH is like the ball that you push to the bottom of the pool.QcMrHyde: damocles, it is actually 65% not given to miners, get your facts right if you want to look like a genius lol.Zebra: unluckyman, we need a real oracle to answer this question. without inside info I can not see what is going to happen.

Banhammer: Mamamopanot banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.SolarPowered: Peidei, Also the gear wheel on the top left of the graph.