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Cruznik02: thas because there are 2 coins that look identical.Pink: ChairmanDAO, btc and ETH arent in competition, they occupy their own fields, we dont need a payment system bogging up a distributed computing system.SideShowBob: so when i got out i was a different person and chose not to be so evil and rooted out those vultures one at a time.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 28

OaktreeCapital: Startis will easily get beat my Amazon and Google, eventuallu.

Britbear13: Alzheimer, idk, dash isnt for me anymore after some thought.Zebra: kkevin,stotoyan, at the same time satoshi still have 1.5 btc, yet untouched as well.SideShowBob: how about them cowboys.err i mean the price of bitcoin.ShamPooSham: I have a feeling dash may break ATH within 2 weeks.Filipos76: now we konw who spent 800mimions on eth in last few days.AbyNormal: BrainStormer, if countries start using blockchain tech they will make their own coins, still btc could be used as international digital coin.A lot of the catalysts are in the past and major uncertainty from China hanging over market.That wont be on the dark web and no drugs or guns. mainstream place to buy almost everything thats on Amazon.

SideShowBob: j33hopper, your gonna have to hire a cleaner crew.SideShowBob: with good reason.but im not going to tell them that.LordOfTheDogs666: is ther news on dash or is it just a bull pen.BrainShutdown: stotoyan, hold it to 0.007 will probably rise then.BrainStormer: DASH is being stimulated by someone or some people.SideShowBob: Scotty, yeah i kept the one you sent me.with the matching nipple rings.The ones that invested big on top there burned alot of money.TheChandler: ETCisthewinner, Your name looks like John Entwistle from the WHO lol.

Whiskeydink: dash bag holders abouit to get there bum hole hurt.SideShowBob: Shamoo, working with bands for 30 years gave me an insight to some of the best.

Shinn: gratistrik02, youve been banned like 10 times for that spam now.YouCanTrustMe: FreakinJohn, read this sums the value proposition up.VenomGhost: crypjunkie, If you dont elaborate it will be considered as spam.

CryptDoH: thewrexhamite, 80% of my dash loans are still active. Good news.Mirai: Please, try to refrain from using excessive characters in the TrollBox.Mirai: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.Rikimaru: TalesFromTheCryptKeeper, but with a swift move he could just close bitlicense.Zebra: Brickwood, news are not here in trollbox. here you can get decent amount of trolling only.Apple said no to dash earlier bc it has privacy. should mean the same for XMR.Hal: batteryphil, because there are more idiots than sane people.

Juan1Ponce1De1Leon: bobdoe, yup crypto is elites way of pushing Cashless society Dummies just get blinded by the little start pos to see the big picture.Snorlax: idk man was going for a winnie the pooh vibe or something.CryptoCatfish: lennontime getting rekt right now.He shorted dash at 165.NooberDog: noobtrader, well that was my entire argument lol. the rise in price is not justified.

No way the gov is going to let people make new insurance systems willy nilly.Pbitty: Bigolas, it says maxium withdrawal 0 on withdraw depoist page and doesnt allow trying withdrawal.PooSlingingFoo: i hear bill gates is attending the eth alliance conference.SideShowBob: CryptoPotato, but my mom is old and i have to manage the family wealth so it keeps me busy too.SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, if i hit a good lick i will buy more gold or even a nice expresso machine.

Bigolas: Pbitty, Do you have Full verification, full verification may speed up Withdrawals.Nordman: onlinehandelen247, not interested it raises red flags where I live.SouthEth: dash keeps getting added to new ATM cash machines and used in retail, mass adoption is inevitable.Agent86: ZWhale, Cause its the only crypto created by a magical pony:D.BlueStinger: ETH will be like 30 dollars soon looking at the charts.Banhammer: stotoyan banned for 2 hours and 1 minutes by biodork.Bigolas: philip.wagenaar, No, exchange to bitcoin and buy whatever coin you choose.