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DashDude: hc77, of course it will correct to the upside, still ridiculously low price level.Banhammer: Vauplus banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

Nordman: kneedrag, whom do you think you are talking too rofl.Bazaar: stricclylogic24, him and Tone V explained it very well.Xoblort: PRO TIP: People should always make sure their personal wallets are up to date and synced to ensure successful withdrawals and deposits.POLOSARG: 17 btc of golen for sell at 2600 while the price is 2700 Ssheet.Ch4osR1d3r: onlinehandelen247, its what u get when some1 marks you in the trollbox.

Nordman: Nippel66, you do know that marking back someone that has marked you within a 24 hr period is a negative mark.ZWhale: 6apbIra, yeah corprorative, there is no 4G at this location near facility.

Gravychain: Jammeen, hes probably well off. but it made the company productive due to funds.Moosetirement: tmdcrypto, my prediction etf will be approved march 5th.Banhammer: Evandefiled banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.BCBB: Watchtower, Yes it is. (Hard work to keep her thinking like that) the recent btc price rise over christmas helped her understand it wasnt fake).

Dazman: Wolfofbitstreet, gravity is a quantum particle that instill mass to an atom.Banhammer: bigfish banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.CryptoBitSeeker: billbobob2684, miners of dash get taxed 55% by the rich dash people.Watchtower: alwaysopit, lets keep the language in the box to English please.Saturatedfat: ZWhale, llets see what happens i think eery year will be interesting.MaybachMoney: ZWhale, i bought golem yesterday now i got to hold.

Oldgamejunk: Bashtard, Please let me know a more suitable nick.GameChanger: Cruznik02, If its listed on POLO then its not a scam coin just ones ignorance:-).Watchtower: ZWhale, yes, trading with emotions can be really dangerous:).Anondran: altcoinhere, u were fudding gnt yesterday that it will go below 1000, cant believe u bought it.CryptoBitSeeker: humbrie, lol bitcoin model is working, 14 billion dollars worth of value.FearNGreed: angelitto, even when she dropped from 5600 it stayed above 2000.Nordman: billbobob2684, city birds eat anything, country birds have a bit healthier diet domestic pigeons eat grains.

Coinbase: The easy way to get started with Cryptos (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) If you are reading this, you are probably interested in getting your first cryptocurrencies.ZWhale: ivke.sevke, lol, ethereum is also botnet of GPU miners xD.Oldgamejunk: altcoinhere, lets not start tthe price predictions please.Watchtower: Herbalist, dont blame someone for wanting to make a quick profit,:).Anondran: theBunk, yeah looks like it, but his twitter pretty rekt these days:D.Bdead: Unac, it is always speculation but in the case of dash the speculation is mostly based on marketing and hype.GameChanger: biodork, in the margin trading tab it does not show I have a position open. but I do and I want to close it.AwareWolf: 8449 people watching these chats, everything we say affects people.Gravychain: HooliXYZ, hard to say now. last night i was sure it wouldbe going up. definitely didnt think it was even possible a coin dumps less than its value before added.

INVEST !!! LOC is CHEAP!!! SmartINVESTOR. 9 hours ago BCC Cheap Now!!. get some AEON, moneros little brother, going cheap! Kados. 9 hours ago LOC/USDT BUY!!!.Kaitokid: MrJkub, yes but the internet today isnt the internet of 1995.

HappyCoiner: varpe.sujit, you will new development in qtl soon.MOTB: JohnsJohnJohnny, if you make a order its maker fee, if you take a order its taker fee.Kakarachi: damocles, just wait for bitcoin hivemind and we can do some real bets.Nordman: terrybeth, I missed out on amazon at 1 dollar figured it would fail.Watchtower: alpnet35, ETH requires 45 confirmations, but the transfer shouldnt take long.

Xoblort: Katoomer, I have to try that by myself and I will do it later.Xoblort: Refrain from hype predictions please.Thank you.This is a trollbox not some Numbers-Bingo.Bdead: Unac, yes, their youtube campaign started the hype and it spread further, it can go up still but at this point it feels risky to buy in in my opinion.Banhammer: ntban88 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Watchtower: 29dd, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to reveiw and process your withdrawal.Kakarachi: AbyNormal, yup, that is why dash is ridiculous, someone could just clone the code and launch without instamine and dev tax.Lots of things going for them right now, latest update works very well, think we are nearing full release.Watchtower: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.

FistfulShekel: Jumandji1980, iam so sorry for that bleep happening, xoxol.Nordman: billbobob2684, sort of, pigeon is not really bad to eat unless it is city pigeon.