Number of moneros mined

Shinn: stricclylogic24, its the more custom ones that are more difficult to read.DASK: shorts, needs to be 10x cheaper or 10x better in the tech world.

Sn7w: bobdoe, its been going down for a whole month now, it didnt go up.Thoth: 24K, moon generally refers to something appreciating greatly in value.SideShowBob: whoa that coffee goes thru me faster than exlax thru a goose.Rrice0821: Can I add funds to here via credit or debit card or does it have to be through bank.Banhammer: pantokrator.azib banned for 6 hours and 0 minutes by Thoth.Anondran: Gains, KontraK, NickH, time to move his 1million premine.

Thoth: krokosal, in general the announcement is made at the same time the listing occurs.RastaMiner: etc regular price is around 1.30 usdt (just for me).Filipos76: nxt still have a lot of time. to get back to the good price.Wolfofbitstreet: bruno-836d, Dude. Shut up. I just send you 30x that amount.JeromeKerviel: micpro, Lol, no I lost all my money in some SocGen related affair.KoinKop: stricclylogic24, i sold my holdings while 3 months later i could have much more gains.SumsPhoenix: Xoblort, yes from another polo account to my account.Watched about 10mins. will watch rest. spot on as a meditator and psychologist so far.BrainStormer: masterworld, I am not your teacher but i can teach you some useful things about chemistry.

Varvarin: TheThinker, got my PC, skinny laptop, Raspi 3 and 3 phones:).KontraK: BTC Longs closing, more shorts getting opened, but the price still goes up.Shinn: stricclylogic24, in the end, bots are just an extension of human behaviour.

Then the fact that its 7 to 1 does not matter,,,, USA can pay in 100000 years,.JeromeKerviel: ebayerm2, You can still be right about a drop, but surely Jaxx will not be the reason.BigBen: frankdejung83, nope. thats absurd,, that will happen if they keep borrowing at this pace. but the will not.Banhammer: asvocrypto banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

Imogen: moonshiner, no i mean on what your own inner being says.IMHO Monero is one of the best Altcoins out there, and most likely the future winner of the most popular privacy coin.

BrainStormer: masterworld, And yet you call yourself a master in finances.Xoblort: We dynamically adjust fees according to the fee schedule, also check and.Quesnelle from Michigan University said that Zcash is not safe.CoinDreamer: KontraK, Greedy chinese whales always manipulate btc price and the goverment will be angry.such an idiots, they risk the whole crypto world.Banhammer: dexaran820 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.If some new technology creates a sudden demand for gold, the ratio wont hold up.Imogen: DASK, ive even liquidated my core position, but its just because i want to increase it. im a long term bull too.

Filipos76: 1min from wallet to the exchange and one minute in other way from exchange to wallet.Aboinit: Shinn, it seems to have done both over the past few days:-D.KontraK: CoinDreamer, terrybeth, ehhhhmmm. the pboc forced them to abolish margin trading and to introduce fees.ZeitgeistAddendum: kingfung76, i think so it will go back to 5000 satos.Xoblort: please stop spamming nxt questions when no one is answering.Tutankhamun: lockey444, even if i have to wait 6 months i will.Kappa: bobdoe, True, they seemed to like fluffyponys presentation tho.

They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction.Banhammer: terrybeth banned for 4 hours and 0 minutes by Thoth.CoinDreamer: supgup, ok, I see it is not trendy but it has wallet and everything is fine.Gravychain: SwordsMan, SYS had the best news yesterday and people who cant read dumped.BrainStormer: aSewerRat, No my thing is independence for everyone so everyone can flourish their ideas into acts for a better world.Xoblort: POLO TIP: Asking for Trollbox advice will just get you spam.Filipos76: people are quiet and silently buying nxt by old strategy.checjk sell buy wall.

Shinn: stricclylogic24, the only difference between a bot and a human is it doesnt make exceptions, and never panics.Banhammer: joe123 banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Thoth.Hmanana: Pascal is written. in Delphi, which is a variant of Pascal.

JeromeKerviel: tone0018, Hmm, I never really say it out loud.ZeitgeistAddendum: Filipos76, maybe the IGNIS snapshot will bring the price up sooner then expected.Thoth: POLO TIP: If you have a feature you would like to see added to the site you can put a request in here.Abaddon: 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN IF YOU TRY AND TAKE OUR FIREARMS.KoinKop: masterworld, why bela if i may ask, the others i have too.MisterTrader: Filipos76, you can long on btc if you want to make some money.Thoth: PRO TIP: Poloniex Staff will never solicit coins from users here, in IRC or anywhere else.Best14you: Weazal, this is a critical time, I would disagree if the value goes above 1070.MisterTrader: Filipos76, Soluxion, haha why you asking then:).

CCollado: Sagheer671, I wouldve but I was sleeping and didnt set an order.Yet, I have to agree that recent rise in price is a little bit too rapid and unsustainable (just like the whole Market right now).BigBen: kkevin, maid is the future bro. hope you hold some for the years coming and grow rich.Keep an eye out for coin listing announcements in the notices section under the trollbox.Thoth: drc10101, if you have an issue with a ban(s) please take it up with the mod manager OldManKidd.

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